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Create Mysql and Oracle database, SQL Query

Create Mysql and Oracle database, SQL Query

I will do tasks and projects on the Mysql database and Oracle, I created the SQL Queries for satisfied clients all over the world.  You’ll get highly efficient and beyond satisfactory service in the domain of Mysql Database, SQL Query, Oracle, ERDs, UMLs, and many more.

I always do the work according to My client's requirements.

What I am offering?


  1.  Database Design: (Conceptual / Logical / Physical ERD)
  2.  Normalization (1NF – BCNF)
  3.  ERD Diagrams
  4.  UML Diagrams
  5.  Queries (Simple, Complex, Joins, Subqueries)
  6.  Query Optimization
  7.  Triggers       
  8.  Stored Procedures
  9.  Fixing and Modifying your task or project
  11.  Relationship Between Table
  12.  Front-End and Back-End
  13.  CRUD Operations (Create, Read, Update, Delete)
  14.  Relational Algebra
  15.  Create Tables and Indexes
  16.  Write Report Or Documentation For Your Project Or Task

And Much More…

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